Mission Statement

Age Fearlessly

Our guiding principle at Savoy Therapy, are just two words, Age Fearlessly, our goal is to provide our patients and families with tools, share our expertise and resources to provide confidence and peace of mind so you can live in your own home or wherever you call confidently, comfortably without the uncertainties that comes with aging.

When I was growing up in India, I was fortunate to have grown up in a close knit family. I was particularly close to Grandmother.As she moved through her life, from being active, in charge and running the household to slowing down with age, falling and breaking her hip during my junior year in high school ( I went with her to therapy during my summer break, which helped me decide I want to be a Physical Therapist), I had no clue what impact it would have on me down the road.

After I graduated from Physical Therapy school in India, I came to the US in 1995 to pursue advanced training and certifications, I had the opportunity to work in a nursing home, which at that time was a unique and new experience.

I still remember this particular gentleman, who had been a resident for a few years. He had suffered a stroke, sitting in the same spot from morning to evening in a wheelchair,twisted and tight on one side after his stroke, calling out in indecipherable sounds for something. His wife would join him to lunch and dinner without fail as far as I can remember.

I used to think if someone had told him to take better care of himself (hindsight is always 20-20, isn’t it?), what would he have done differently?

Old Age Is Not For Sissies.. I’ve seen this sign multiple times, funny and true, if you understand it.

After working with thousands of older adults, listening and learning from them, and as I watch my own family members age, similarities are striking, no matter where you live or what socio-economic strata you belong to...

Aging and fear seems to go along.

Fear of -

  • Can I Live On My Own?
  • Will I Lose My Independence?
  • Will I Become A Burden For My Children?
  • How Long Can I Live In My Own House?
  • Will They Ask Me To Move To A Nursing Home? Will I Fall And Break My Hip?
  • Will I Be Able To Get Around On My Own?
  • Why Can't I Do More For Myself?
  • Why Am I Always Tired? WhyCan’tIJustGetUp&Go?

The days of moving into a nursing home with the expectation of living out your last few years of life is no longer acceptable. Older adults expect and demand to be active and independent. Advice from healthcare professionals has not unfortunately kept up with the demands and aspirations of the consumers and their families. Largely driven by corporate business models, services to help Older Adults to continue living in their own home is not profitable and therefore not promoted.

Savoy Therapy was created to fulfill this aspiration.

One important and effective tool to help you live in your home independently and stay active, doing things you love to do, is therapy.

If you want to stay active, move around with less pain, keep your mind sharp and do things you love to do...walking, baking, spending time with your kids and grandkids, travelling, taking care of your garden, going out to eat...Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists are your best kept secret.

To learn how a therapist can help maintain your independence, stay active, prevent falls and help you continue living in your own home or wherever you call home, and avoid ending up in a nursing home, call us at 217-898-8393.