Meal Prep/Dress/Bathing/Training – Home Services

It’s not uncommon to have trouble doing basic personal tasks like bathing, dressing or undressing, eating, grooming, getting out of bed and toileting after an injury. Imagine yourself getting on and off the toilet while recovering from a broken hip or buttoning your shirt or zipping or unzipping your pants after a stroke.

Common things we hear from our patients are “I can get dressed but it takes me all day and I don’t have any energy to do anything after that”.

Adequate strength, balance, coordination and endurance helps us do these most basic tasks to live independently and safely at home.

The Occupational Therapy team works with you or your loved ones in helping them do these personal tasks easier, safer and quicker by using strategies like Energy Conservation, learning and refining how to use Adaptive Equipments to perform a task better and easier, for instance, using a sock aid to put a pair of socks on, placing things at the right height to avoid falls and identifying specific exercises or activities to help you fix something in the kitchen and look after your plants in the garden. Our goal is to help you get back to doing things you enjoy and do them safely and independently.